Butter, Honey, Jam Chocolate Thermoforming Filling and Sealing Machine

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Butter Filling Machine, Honey Filling Machine, Jam Filling Machine, Chocolate Filling Machine,

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Thermoform Filling Machine

  • Butter, Honey, Jam, Chese, Chocolate  Thermoforming Filling and Sealing 
  • Filling and  sealing are integrated in one machine
  • Precise filling
  • PLC control, user-friendly screen for easy operation
  • Stable, efficient,
  • Fill and cap different size and different types of cups.
  • Stainless Steel Cover and Water Gauge
  • Hot OPP Lamination Sealing


Technical Features

Machine Model

PAK – LS 4x4

Machine Type

16 Molded Linear Systems

Cup Filling Range

20-40 CC

Dolum Kapasitesi

17.000 – 19.000 Cup/Hr

Cup Filling Capacity

PVC Aluminum Thermo Polishing Roll 400 Micron

Cup Depth

30 mm Max.

Cup Roll Inner Dimension

76 mm

Cup Roll Outer Dimension

800 mm Max.

Cup Roll Stop System


Cup Roll Turnbuckle System


Cup Roll Pulling System

Teflon coated, moving lower and upper heads

Cup Roll Heating Heads

32 Cups Heating Surface

Cup Roll Heating Surface

Top :2000 W Bottom : 24000 W

Cup Roll Heating Power


Cup Roll Heating Moving System

16 PCS female mold, 16 PCS male mold

Cup Forming Mold

Pneumatic system with scissors mechanism and water cooling channel

Butter Product Tank

40 Liters, AISI 304L Stainless Steel, Level Control System, Reducer Product Mixing.

Honey, Jam, Chocolate Product Tank

40 liter, AISI 304L Stainless steel, Level control system, electric heating.

Butter Filling System

16 pieces Filling head AISI 316L Stainless steel, Helical feeding, Volumetric weight,

Honey, Jam, Chocolate Filling System

16 Pieces of Cutting Head AISI 316L Stainless Steel, Volumetric Weight, Pneumatic piston Cutting Product.

Lid Roll Inner Diameter

76 mm

Lid Roll Outer Diameter

300 mm Max.

Lid Roll Width

260 mm

Lid Bonding System

Pneumatic Moving Hot Bonding System

Lid Bonding Power

2000 W Electric Heater

Roll Pulling System

Roll Pulling System Servo Motor Drive, Gear Movement System, Double Pneumatic Holding

Cup Cutting System

Reducer Drive 16 cutting heads, pneumatic power cutting system.

Cup Outlet

0,15 KW Reducer 2 Meter PVC Conveyor

Waste Roll Collection

Electric and pneumatic waste roll collector system

Air Distribution Tank

AISI 304 stainless steel

Machine Case

AISI 304 stainless steel

Machine Coating

Stainless steel and plexyglass lids

Control System


Control Panel

Color touch operator panel

Electric Panel

Stainless steel electric panel