Bucket Filling and Capping Machine

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Stainless Steel, CIP Washing System, Pneumatic vacuum suction and automatic with mechanical scissors system. 2 and 9 KG buckets.

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Bucket Filling and Capping Machine

  • Cup filling,  sealing and capping are integrated in one machine
  • Precise filling
  • PLC control, user-friendly screen for easy operation
  • Stable, efficient,
  • Ideal for yogurt filling
  • Fill and cap different size and different types of cups.
  • Stainless Steel Cover and Water Gauge



  • 2kg-10kg filling volume range for
  • 6.000 kg/hour filling capacity for 9kg buckets
  • Hot OPP Lamination Sealing
  • CIP Washing System



Product Tank

Stainless Steel, CIP Washing System

Cyp Weight

2 and 9KG Buckets

Placement System

Automatic with pneumatic vacuum suction and mechanical scissors system.

Filling System

Flow Meter System

Filling Weight

2000 - 10000 gr

Lid Type

Suitable for Bucket and Mahine operations.

Lid Capping System

Automatic with the help of pneumatic and mechanical systems


6000 Cup/Hr (Appr. For 9 KG Buckets)

Output Conveyor

Polyurethane, stainless steel (Inkjet suitable for dating).

Collection Tray

Stainless steel stand

Hepa Filter System

Clean air production system on machine

Protection Frame

AISI 304 Stainless steel with safety switch

Power Panel

Stainless steel